2015 – One Night In The Typhoon

"One Night in the Typhoon", 2015

Broken Trees from Soudeleor Typhoon, leaves, plastic bags, plastic strips, electric wires, bulbs, pots, basins, utensils
Presented at Taiwan


With environmental issues being a problem in Taiwan, the carelessness causing them inevitably results in natural disasters that are seen all too often. In this exhibition, I reorganized materials and found objects from nature as well as every day life, in order to question the overall environmental knowledge and awareness in our lives and to try to rebuild our human sensibility and imagination with respect to our surroundings. 

“Keep them alive for a little bit longer” consists of four pieces of trees destroyed by Typhoon Soudelor on August 7th, 2015. I plan to keep these pieces in the gallery space until the last day of the show, September 11th, 2015. Having the intention of keeping them alive, I grafted pieces of broken trees into an extremely long section with several connections that I filled with leaves and dirt, intending to point out human beings’ neglect and carelessness about tree planting, sloppy construction and our environment.

The lighting system of 66 bulbs “No matter if they light up”, which adapts to the existing sockets, surrounding the whole gallery space, has no actual reason to illuminate. The whole set up is just a pointless consuming of electricity, and shows what people waste in everyday life.

“May it be your hotbed” is comprised of various containers, pots, and utensils filled with water and are displayed on a stage to represent the dramatic night of the typhoon. This natural disaster changed what was the regular pattern of people ignoring the environmental issues that exist beneath the surface as they lead their daily lives.

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