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400 years of "voc" at Tainan art museum
“Deer Rug” a part of “VOC, Sea Monsters, Artillery Fire, and Them: 400 Years of Fort Zeelandia” at Tainan Art Museum “Deer Rug” is an animal hide composed of air-dried banana peels that resembles the Taiwanese Sika deer. I created it at the same time as my “Tropical Collection” (2016) during my residency at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. Deerskin is one of the earliest Taiwanese exports and reflects the life, production, and trade patterns of various ethnic groups in and around Formosa Island during the Maritime age.  During the 17th century, Formosa had an abundance of deerskins. The aboriginal people were excellent hunters and traded the deerskins...
New Work at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2024
A new work inspired by the recent research trip to the Caribbean “The Great Dark Fleet” is an artwork created using dried banana peels that symbolize capitalism, particularly the business practices of the American multinational fruit companies of the 20th century that operated between Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States. The title of the work is a nod to the “Great White Fleet” that transported bulk of the produce in the region.  The work was first introduced at Art Taipei 2023 and now presented at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2024 by Mind Set Art Center.  Photos by Mind Set Art Center   Back to Notes
"Carbohydrate Fueling Cycle", Hakka Cultural Centre
“Carbohydrate Fueling Cycle” at the Hakka Cultural Centre “Carbohydrate Fueling Cycle I, II, III” is a  continuation of the “Molasses, Ethanol, Fitness Workshops, Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Life So Different, So Appealing?
"Living the Days" at Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art
Lo Yi-Chun’s work Taste of Ocean, 2018, which used sun-dried banana peels to create lines resembling ink drawings related to the lives of migrant workers in Taiwan, is included in the group show Living the Days at Yu-Hsiu Museum. Living the DaysDate | 2023.9.16 – 2024.2.18Venue | Yu-Hsiu Museum Collaborators  |  Mind Set Art Center, galerie nichido Photo credit  | Yu-Hsiu Museum Back to Notes
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