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August to December 2022: Research in Central and South America
A research trip to Central and South America including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Jamaica from August to December 2022. Lo Yi-Chun continued her research into the history and development of the sugarcane industry during a five-month trip to South and Central America. She began in Brazil, the largest sugar producer in the world and visited sites of the old (now long defunct) sugar mills and the surrounding ports and plantations from the 16th century along the Northeast coast of Brazil. She also visited the famous runaway slave settlement of “Quilombo dos Palmares” in Alagoas. Her time in Salvador, Brazil was particularly enriched by “Capoeira”...
1-12 展場照_朱淇宏攝影_20220730 安卓藝術
Another Look at Black.Gold.White (Mind Set Art Center)
A retrospective, and also a look forward. An idea of art, was to engage with the environment, the world that I inhabit, in a thoughtful and far-reaching way. To ride the colonial, economic, mercantile, political, and migratory waves of history to arrive at shapes and textures and colours that give a personal artistic expression to my perception of the world.  The journey of the past decade and my explorations of globalization, banana republics, colonial trade, and their consequences that have magnified in our fast-paced societies culminate in a wide-ranging show at Mind Set Art Centre from July 27, 2022 to September 7, 2022. The show coincides with the publication...
Black.Gold.White:Catalog Launch
For the past few months I worked on the writing, editing, and printing of my first catalog. I am very pleased to announce the official launch of the catalog at Madeleine Art Gallery in Taipei on July 31, 2022. Brief Introduction: “Black · Gold · White” is a catalog of the artist Lo Yi-Chun’s creations and explorations over the past ten years using banana peels, tobacco, and bagasse as her materials of choice, that explore cash crops in the historical context and the relationship between agriculture and politics. This catalog faithfully presents her creative journey and the realization of her unique artistic language developed over the years in different countries....
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