2023 – Green Island Human Rights Art Festival


Materials: Bamboo, leather, bottles, tubes, air gun, air valves

During the period of White Terror in Taiwan from 1947 to 1987. The inmates at the New Life Correction Center laboured and collected corals along the coast spanning from Niutou Hill to the Nanliao Coast. Only a few inmates had the privilege of a break to enjoy a swim that must have felt like freedom for a brief moment. Some of them created goggles and tools to catch fish and lobsters during their break. Green Island is a famous diving destination and the leisure and fun enjoyed by the visitors today was an incredibly precious and hard-earned pleasure for the inmates in the past.

This project explores Green Island’s coral reef coast in front of the Memorial Park, covering an area ranging from Shiang Bi Rock (Hell’s Gate) and Jiang Jiun Rock to San Feng Rock. The artist has used a combination of objects found on the island to create personal diving equipment. The equipment explores the colourful coral reefs, sea caves, and the richness of life underwater as way to reveal the free spirit and mental strength of the political prisoners on the island. With respect to the historic hardships suffered by the inmates, the diving experience of the project aims to unveil another side of life, that of freedom and human willpower.

Special thanks to LAI Yu-Chiao, LIN Chuan Kai, as well as the family members and offsprings of White Terror victims who participated in the singing workshop – “Farewell Beloved.”

Photos by Lo Yi-Chun and Goldilocks Production

Presented at “2023 Green Island Human Rights Art Festival”

2023.5.17 – 2023.9.17

Curator|Tsai Ming-Jiun

Green Island White Terror Memorial Park
No.20, Jiangyunyan, Green Island Township, Taitung County 95142, Taiwan
TEL +886-89-671095

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