2022 – Black · Gold · White


Black · Gold · White“, 2022

“Black · Gold · White” is an exhibition of the artist Lo Yi-Chun’s creations and explorations over the past ten years using banana peels, tobacco, and bagasse as her materials of choice, that explore cash crops in the historical context and the relationship between agriculture and politics. This catalog faithfully presents her creative journey and the realization of her unique artistic language developed over the years in different countries.

“Black” is an intriguing color that represents the artist’s early use of air-dried banana as a medium.

“Gold” is the golden color of tobacco leaves after roasting and represents Taiwan’s century-old tobacco industry. It is also an artistic exploration of the industrial landscape.

“White” represents the sugar that has addicted the world for 500 years. Lo Yi-Chun’s use of bagasse in her artistic practice creates an interplay between historical and contemporary cultural phenomena.

Presented at Mind Set Art Center, Taipei
Photos by Ga-Wii Chang

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