Another Look at Black.Gold.White (Mind Set Art Center)

A retrospective, and also a look forward.

An idea of art, was to engage with the environment, the world that I inhabit, in a thoughtful and far-reaching way. To ride the colonial, economic, mercantile, political, and migratory waves of history to arrive at shapes and textures and colours that give a personal artistic expression to my perception of the world. 

The journey of the past decade and my explorations of globalization, banana republics, colonial trade, and their consequences that have magnified in our fast-paced societies culminate in a wide-ranging show at Mind Set Art Centre from July 27, 2022 to September 7, 2022.

The show coincides with the publication of my catalog, also titled “Black.Gold.White” and presents selected works, most being exhibited for the first time in Taiwan and some new creations as well, which hint at  thoughts and possibilities for the near-future.

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